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There are many funding opportunities available to graduate students at UC Berkeley. In addition to our Fellowships & Awards Deadlines listings, we recommend exploring the following resources:

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Additional Resources

General Resources | Underrepresented Groups | Discipline-specific

General Resources
Ambassadorial Scholarships
American Psychological Association (APA) Scholarships & Fellowships
Biological Sciences Funding Support
Department of Education – Financial Aid Student Guide
External Graduate Fellowship Information (UC Davis)
Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Fellowships
Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways
Fellowships Awarded by the National Academies
Financial Aid Information Page
Free Online Scholarship Service
Graduate Fellowships (Biomed Eng), The Whitaker Foundation
Graduate Fellowships (NCSU)
Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships
Graduate Fellowships Database, Cornell University
IRIS Funding Opportunities Database
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships
National Women's Studies Association Awards & Scholarships
Paying for Graduate School
Social Sciences Research Council Programs
The Foundation Center's Home Page
The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans
The Roothbert Scholarship Fund
UCLA Fellowships Database
USP Global Fellowship Awards Program
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Fulbright and Related Grants for Grad Study and Research Abroad
Resources for Underrepresented Groups
100 Minority Scholarships Gateway from Black Excel
American Association of University Women Fellowships, Grants, Awards
American Geological Institute Minority Geoscience Student Scholarships
American Indian Science and Engineering Society (A.T. Anderson)
American Meteorological Society
American Physiological Society – Minority Awards in the Sciences
Black Collegian Guide to Graduate and Professional School Fellowships
Boren Awards for National Security
College Scholarships, Grad Fllwshps & Postdoc Awards for Minorities
Department of Homeland Security Scholarship & Fellowship Program
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF)
DOE National Nuclear Security Administration Science Graduate Fellowship (SSGF)
E4FC Graduate List of Scholarships and Fellowships
Fellowships & Grants of Special Interest to Minorities–Michigan State University
FinAid: Financial Aid Resources Scholarship Portal
Free Web Scholarship Search (
GEM Fellowship Program
Grad Fellowships for Minorities and Women in the Physical Sciences (NPSC)
Graduate Fellowships (NCSU)
Graduate Fellowships in Computer Science (Harvey Mudd College)
Graduating Engineer online Fellowships and Scholarships for Minority Students
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Investigative Reporters and Editors fellowships and Scholarships
League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Scholarship Funds
Link Foundation (Advanced Simulation & Training)
National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS)
National Society of Black Engineers Scholarships
Prestigious Fellowships to Explore (Calvin College)
Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship
Scholarships and Financial Aid for Minorities and Women (IM Diversity)
Scholarships and Grants
Social Science Research Council fellowships
Society of Women Engineers
SUNY at Buffalo list of fellowships for minorities
The American Political Science Association Minority Fellowship
The Gates Millennium Scholarships
United Negro College Fund Merck Science Institute
University of Chicago Office of Minority Student Affairs
Education Resources
Graduate Scholarships in Education (Michigan State University)
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation
Humanities Resources
Townsend Center for the Humanities (UC Berkeley)
Political Science Resources
The American Political Science Association Minority Fellowship
Science Resources
AACC Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program
American Geological Institute Minority Geoscience Student Scholarships
Biological Sciences Funding Support ( database web site)
Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Fellowships
Graduate Fellowships for Minorities and Women in the Physical Sciences (NPSC)
Hudson River Graduate Fellowships
Science & Engineering Resources
Department of Defense Fellowships (NDSEG)
Evette Harless Scholarship
GEM Fellowship Program
Graduate Level Fellowship and Scholarships for Women in Science (University of Minnesota)
National Science Foundation or NSF Fastlane
Social Science Resources
The National Academies (Policy and Global Affairs)
Social Sciences Research Council Programs
The American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship
The American Sociological Association Minority Fellowship

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